Frequently Asked Questions

Dietary / Medical Requirements

I have special dietary requirements. Will this be a problem?


If you have any specific dietary requirements it is essential that you inform your place of stay, if you are being catered for. If you hold a subsidised place, it is important that you let us know in advance so that suitable supplies can be shipped to the island. In addition, you will be able to record your dietary needs on the required medical form.


In the unlikely event that your needs cannot be met, there are self-catering options available on the island and the shop can order supplies of your behalf in advance of your trip.

Is there a shop where I can buy provisions?

The shop at the Bird Observatory and is open daily at the following times:

Every day, 12pm-2pm.

Tuesdays, 12pm-4pm (because of the ferry arriving)  

There is a wide selection of tinned and packet goods, sweets and biscuits, dairy products, meat and fresh vegetables (which arrive on the ferry twice a week), household items and branded NRBO clothing including hats, T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and more!

The new Easting Road Store also provides island supplies, Orkney produce, coffee, souvenirs, and some cooked items. 

The Post Office stocks some tinned food in additions to pop, sweets and teas and coffees.

Open: Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri

Where can I get a cup of tea and a bite to eat on the island?


The Bird Observatory, Post office and the Lighthouse café serve tea and light snacks throughout the day. 

What are the medical facilities on the island?

Firstly, please make all necessary staff aware of any medical conditions and allergies that you may have so that they can plan accordingly. The island has a full-time Nurse, who can be reached by phone, and who can carry out First Aid before deciding whether or not a trip to the Mainland is required. In a real emergency, an airlift is arranged via Air Ambulance or Coastguard.    

A First Aid kit accompanies each group of volunteers during Dyke work.

Surgery     01857 633 226 (Landline)