getting here

An exciting part of your Sheep Festival experience will be your journey to North Ronaldsay.


Ferry to North Ronaldsay:

  1. The vehicles are craned on and off at the North Ronaldsay pier.

  2. You can bring big bags on board and leave them in the luggage hold

  3. Two ferry crossing in the summer on Tuesday and Friday

  4. The journey takes 2:40 hours

  5. For up to date prices and timetable please see: ,

NB. If you take the boat to North Ronaldsay, make sure to check the sailing times the day before your trip as the timetable is subject to change

Flight to North Ronaldsay:

  1. Flight time is approximately 15 minute

  2. 2 to 3 flights a day in the summer

  3. Seats 8 passengers

  4. 15kg luggage allowance

  5. For up to date prices and timetable please see:


Public Transport Map

transport map.gif


Trains and buses run between all the major cities in Scotland.

A taxi is recommended between Thurso centre and the ferry terminal at Scrabster Bay.

Not all possible routes are listed for the sake of clarity.