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Ode to North Ronaldsay Sheep Festival

A long time ago in a faraway land………… 

There were lots of people around to give a hand. 

But population declined as time went on 

And the high winds blew and that wind was strong 

And parts of a dyke built in 1832 

Fell down, fell in and the sheep went through: 

they left the shoreline and went into pasture 

and there grazed on grass, which was a disaster! 

For a diet of seaweed and grass do not mix – 

The sheep species is endangered - this needed a fix! 


A newly founded organisation and folk from the isle 

Got together to plan and were on Countryfile… 

The facts were presented; the message was clear: 

If you want to help us, then get on up here! 

Emails were sent, ideas unfurled….. 

For a Sheep Festival – here !! - in this part of the world. 

Volunteers planned breaks , booked flights and beds 

And many travelled by ferry instead. 


Well done to all who have played a part 

Whether building or baking or displaying art; 

the activities programme was varied and wide - 

many walked around the island, some fished at high tide. 

We’ve spent time on North Ronaldsay, it’s now on our map 


And do you know what? ‘ you guessed it? 

We’re gonna be back! 

© Claire Maguire, 2016

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