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Play along at home! Download the PDFs below to play along at home 

Headlands (page 2) / Caledonia March / The Standing Stones of Stenness (once each)


The Auld Hut (Heather Woodbridge) / The Wyre Band Tune (James Grieve) / The Auld Hut (once each)


The Fairy Dance / Kate Dalrymple / St. Anne’s (all x 2)


Kate Martin’s / The Stronsay Waltz (page 2) (all x 2)


Wi’ a Hunder Pipers / Buglehorn / Cock O’ The North (all x 2)


Hurlock’s Reel / Wilafjord / Spootiskerry / Hurlock’s (all x 2)


Lurand (Heather Woodbridge) / The Hills of Hoy (Sandy Heddle)/ Sí Bheg Sí Mhór (O’Carolan) (once each)


The Hoy Tune (A x 2, B, C) / Ernie’s (all x 2)


The Deerness Two Step (page 2) / Willie and Bertha’s Boston (once each)


Grind-Hans Jässpödspolska (x2)


Robanne’s 90th (Ross Thomson) / Tarmonbarry Polka (Karen Tweed) / Egan’s Polka (all x 2)


Jig O’Slurs / Out on the Ocean (in A) (all x 2)


The Saturday Night Waltz / The Rope Waltz (page 2) (all x 2)


The Primrose Lass / The Concertina / The Banshee (all x 2)


Peter Pratt’s Polka / Jimmy o’ the Bu’s (Jimmy Sinclair) (all x 2)


Janet Donaldson (Ronnie Cooper) / Sean Thomson’s / The Kesh (all x 2)


Iris Nicolson’s Favourite / The Blacksmith’s Lilt / Scapa Flow (all x 2)


Flett Fae Flotta / Gairsay (once each)


Røros (once)


Garston’s Dream (x2) / Rory MacLeod (x1) / The Blackthorn Stick (x2)


Barrowburn / The Attic Studio / High Drive (all x 2)

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